RadoJavor. The Tomb. 2009. RadoJavor’s deviantART gallery. deviantART. 2009. Web. 23 March 2024.

God, we thank you for having mercy on us sinners
Thank you, God, for giving us life despite our sin
And saving us from eternal death
God, we thank you for your son, Jesus, being the final sacrifice
And defeating death with eternal life
God, I confess that I have sinned against you by being distracted by the world and everyday life
God, I confess that I still struggle with my old ways and sinful nature
Lord, today we sing with joy and celebrate your name for you alone are worthy
You have paid the way to life in you through the immeasurable sacrifice of your perfect son
Just as your word tells us
As a kernel of wheat having fallen into the soil dies But then springs to life transformed by the light
He rose again unto eternal life and paved the way for us
We praise you, Jesus, for you our first fruits of resurrection our savior
For you have rescued us out of the darkness of our sin and death
By grace you’ve transformed us in your brilliant purity
And secured us by your Holy Spirit for everlasting life with you
God the Spirit, you sanctify us in our worship, you strengthen us in our weak faith and illuminate the scriptures to us
Enable us to reflect back this glorious resurrection in our daily lives
For the glory of your name

Prayer and audio by Morgan Clarke and Jennifer Basile