Farrer, Henry. Sweet Is the Hour of Rest. 1877, Etching on heavyweight laid paper.
Open Access Image from the Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University (photo: M. Cook).

Praise be to you, O God

Who will roll up the universe like a rope

Yet you condescended into that of a baby

Completely dependent on your mother

Our love

Which is so wavering and temperamental

Is ultimately worthless

But your love is steadfast and permanent

By it we have all things

We thank you, God

For the promise of entering your rest

We are grateful for the good news of your son, Christ

Who has gone before us and won rest

Thank you for giving us rest on the day you have given us to honor you

Thank you for this blessing

We pray that you do not harden our hearts to obey your call to rest

Help us to honor you and enter your promised rest as our Heavenly Father has rested after your own work

Help those in need of rest

Lastly, Lord, as we look to your completed work on the cross

Help us to rest wisely for your glory

In Jesus’ name


Prayer and audio by Sterling Howze and Maddox Santana