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Sunday Worship

We have two services on Sunday morning 10:30 am and 11:30 am

Catechism Service | 10:30 AM

Preaching through catechisms provides a road map to the Bible, they help us learn the teaching of the Bible in summary form. We are going through a series on the Ten Commandments and how they help us develop a Christian worldview.

Main Worship Service | 11:30 AM

We are going through a series called Introducing Jesus: The Gospel of John


Bible Study

Thursdays | 7 PM

Join us to study the book of Hebrews. We unpack its meaning and how it transforms our hearts and lives.

Prayer Meeting

Last Thursday of Every Month | 7PM

We gather together for a monthly congregational prayer.

Neighborhood Groups 

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These groups meet around the city at various times once or twice a month to discuss what it means to be a church member. Discussions are based on I am a Church Member by Thom Rainer.

Women's Study

Sundays | 2 PM (Only First Sundays of Each Month) 

The women are studying the topic of biblical womanhood.

Men's Fellowship

Sundays | 2 PM (Only First Sundays of Each Month)

Each month the men discuss topics related to theology, worldview, men’s issues, and culture etc. for the purpose of thinking and growing in Christian maturity. All men are welcomed to attend.

Membership Classes

Sundays | 2PM 

5/27: The Bible's Teaching on Church Membership

6/3: What this Church Believes the Bible Teaches

6/10: Benefits & Responsibilities of Membership

6/17: The History & Future of Messiah's Reformed Fellowship

6/24: Are You Ready to Commit?